Sliding Tray for Computer Monitor

Sliding tray for right-hand-side monitor, in forward position

When we needed a sliding tray for a computer monitor but could not find such a tray on the Internet, we decided to design and build one ourselves. This post describes tells how you can build that sliding tray yourself.

The tray has the following features. First, ball bearings assure that the movement requires minimal effort. Second, when the second monitor is pulled forward, the shelf  clears the desk surface by 1 in. Thus, the shelf moves above pencils, pens, erasers, notepads, even books of modest size. Read More

Dell Laptop with Two External Monitors

laptop with two monitors

Two monitors hooked up to laptop

When you hook up two external displays to the out ports of a laptop, you will get the same image on each display. How can you hook up two external monitors so that they effectively become one single, very wide monitor, as shown in the photo?

This post describes a simple solution that achieves the desired effect for the Dell Precision 7710 laptop. Read More