Make Your Own Labels Free and Without a Label Maker

small label made free and without label maker

Small label for airplane instrument panel

You can make your own custom labels, displaying any text, even pictures, without use of a label maker. The labels have a waterproof surface, are self-adhesive, and stick to virtually any surface. The cost of each label is just a few cents. This post describes how to create such labels.

The photo shows a label we made 2016 for our airplane. It shows no sign of aging. In the meantime, we have become more adept at the process and produce a more accurate label boundary. We include the example since it is the oldest label we have made with the method described below. Read More

Rolling Tool Shelf

Rolling tool shelf

This post describes a rolling tool storage unit that is inexpensive, easy to make, and convenient to use. Due to an irregular spacing of the shelves, one sees all tools at the same time without bending down or standing on tip toes. Read More